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" The EU's Response to COVID-19 " - Sur un grand problème de santé publique, la Commission européenne communique en anglais !

Mis à jour : 26 Fév 2020

Lettre d'un citoyen européen

To whom it may concern

Dear Madam, dear Sir

It is very surprising that information about the EU reaction to the so-called COVID-19 virus "Coronavirus" is published only in English on the EU Commission's website.


The page was published yesterday (February 24), and it is short (4 pages). How is it possible that EU language services, which are the largest in the world, are not able to translate four pages about an outstanding issues into all official languages within 24 hours?

According to figures published by the EU Commission itself, after Brexit only 2% of EU population are native speakers of English, and 90% either do not know it or speak it to basic or intermediate levels.

Is the EU Commission really convinced that it can effectively communicate with EU citizens only in English on an issue that is of urgent concern for Europe as a whole?

When is the Commission going to publish the translation of the webpages on Coronavirus into the 23 remaining official languages?

Thank you very much for your attention.

Kind regards

Michele Gazzola


Ulster University

Dr. Michele Gazzola

Lecturer in Public Policy and Administration | Co-Director of the Centre for Public Administration

Ulster University l Shore Road l Newtownabbey l Co Antrim I BT37 0QB