Korean language speakers should take pride in Konglish – it’s another wonderful example of linguistic diversity

Mis à jour : 1 Juil 2019

The Conversation, 14 June 2019 - By Lecturer in English Language, University of Manchester - Juggling Korean, English – and Konglish Stockphotomania/Shutterstock -

Konglish is the term used to describe the variety of English unique to Korea. It is just one of many varieties of the English language that exists far beyond the borders of so-called “inner circle” Englishes – those spoken in countries such as Britain and the US, for example. As such, Konglish is sometimes met with hostility – even by Koreans themselves – and some regard it as synonymous with errors and failed attempts to learn “proper” English. Examples of additional Englishes beyond the inner circle can be found in India, Ghana and Singapore.

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