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Communiqué for the topic “Economy and society”

Last Updated: 24 May 2016

Communiqué for « Economy and society »

We are facing a paradox.
If the need for an international language in business cannot be contested, many surveys confirm that this need is far from limited to English. Other international languages exist and have a real economical role. Local languages and the “the neighbour’s language” also have their economical role and cannot be ignored by the companies.
The paradox lies in that, though this need of languages is widely known, it is generally ignored in the managerial and engineering trainings, both as a subject to be taught, language teaching being too often restricted to English only, and ignored as an integral part of management.

Hence the following propositions :

17. Reinforce the idea that languages are a central factor of efficiency in international management.
18. Enlarge the linguistic, cultural and managerial dimension to all the management trainings.
19. Act with certification bodies to include the linguistic, cultural and managerial dimensions in the training frameworks.
20. Support a plurilingual view in all the managerial trainings including the engineering trainings.

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Final general communiqué

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4th European Conference on Plurilingualism - 2016- Brussell