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The Performance of Multilingual and 'Ultralingual' Devotional Practices by Young British Muslims

Last Updated: 29 Apr 2021

Author: Andrey Rosowsky

Multilingual Matters, 24th Mar 2021, ISBN: 9781800411371

This book examines the wide range of multilingual devotional performances engaged in by young Muslims in the UK today. It evaluates the contemporary mosque school in the UK and contrasts this with practices from the past and with prevailing discourses (both political and other) which suggest that such institutions are problematic. It also challenges the highly-politicised and mediatised discourse which suggests that linguistic diversity presents a threat to the privileging of monolingualism in the UK. Finally, it argues for the usefulness of the term 'ultralingual' when analysing the multilingual devotional language performances of these young people. Read more...