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Langues et entreprise - Bibliographie

Cross-Cultural Management and Language Studies within International Business (by Markus Pudelko, Helene Tenzer & Anne-Wil Harzing - january 2015)

Last Updated: 21 Sep 2015

Research: Past and Present Paradigms and Suggestions for Future Research by Markus Pudelko, Helene Tenzer & Anne-Wil Harzing

Our contribution seeks to (1) outline how cross-cultural management and, morerecently, language studies developed as two interrelated subareas within international business research; (2) discuss the changing paradigms and orthodoxies under which empirical research in cross-cultural management and language studies has been executed, focusing in particular on what weconsider shortcomings in past and present research; and (3) formulate our suggestions how research should develop in the future. As such, our contribution offers a critical reflection on the evolution of this research area over time, combining elements of descriptive retrospection and analysis of the current situation wi th the normative elements of a position paper.