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Call for papers: Languages and Multilinguism in Pandemic Times

Last Updated: 25 Feb 2021

Fórum Linguístico, Brazil, v.18, n.4, 2021

Special issue

Eds. Cristine Görski Severo (UFSC), Ezra Nhampoca (UEM-Moçambique) and Silvana Aguiar dos Santos (UFSC, UFC)

Proposals that address the sociolinguistic dynamics and language policies and planning involving languages in the context of Covid-19 pandemic are welcome. This special issue seeks to explore and discuss how the right of different discursive/speech communities or/and individuals to information, as well as to access to public services, was effectively made possible in face of a need for care and life protection policies. We accept papers that illustrate the creative and agentive language practices of different individuals or/and communities in the construction of policies of protection, sharing and care. The following themes will be addressed: access, social justice, translation, vulnerabilities and construction of language care policies.

Submission from 12/20/2020 until 02/28/2021
Publication: December 2021