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Small-Scale Multilingualism 2 (SSML 2) Call for papers

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2021

Deadline for submission: March 31st 2021

Notification of acceptance: April 30th 2021

Download call for papers here! (PDF)

The emergent field of Small-Scale Multilingualism (SSML) studies defines  SSML as a  type of rural language ecology widely attested throughout human history  (Evans 2018). Small localities were and remain characterised by extensive internal heterogeneity and linguistic diversity motivated by a broad range of sociopolitical factors. Differently to superdiverse contexts (Blommaert & Rampton 2011) proliferating in the context of recent migration and globalisation, small-scale multilingual situations rely on the presence of highly multilingual individuals who speak, sign, or understand a high number of locally confined languages with low numbers of speakers and on the habitus of maintaining and sharing intricate multilingual repertoires. Such settings have become overshadowed by multilingualism in the more recent ethnolinguistic nation states of the Global North and by their monolingual language ideologies that expanded in the wake of colonisation. As a consequence, multilingualism is most commonly studied from a monolingual vantage point.