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A Toolkit for Transnational Communication in Europe

Last Updated: 3 Apr 2012

European integration has gone along with transnational processes which have challenged the traditionally established monolingual communication. They have opened up to new possibilities of multilingual communication like English as Lingua Franca (ELF), Regional Linguae Francae (RELF), Lingua Receptiva (LARA: each speaker uses his or her mother tongue in multilingual communication) and Code-Switching (CSW). This means that these communication modes are available although they are as yet not integrated in a coherent set of communicative strategies.

The present project will bring together research groups and their expertise in order to develop an application for a large-scale project (expected FP7 call in 2011-1213) which will consider the effectiveness of the above mentioned communicative modes under various conditions. Here, a toolkit for transnational communication in Europe should be prepared by taking into account the actors and the settings within a selected amount of languages.

The planned toolkit will comprise a diagnostic, evaluative and recommending component on the basis of which the future users can decide what communicative mode appears to be most appropriate under the given circumstances. The development of the toolkit architecture will take into consideration reference criteria such as communicative efficiency and the EU’s fundamental principles and values like democracy, equality, human rights, social cohesion and economic welfare.

Last updated: 30 March 2012