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EU should stop speaking ‘broken English’ after Brexit, says French minister

Last Updated: 13 Jan 2021

Politico - By Maïa de La Baume

January 12, 2021 7:18 pm

France’s Clément Beaune pledges concrete action to enhance ‘linguistic diversity.’

The EU’s impenetrable “Globish” is dead. Long live le Français — or at least “linguistic diversity.”

With Brexit and the EU-U.K. trade deal finally concluded, the EU should stop speaking “a type of broken English, ” Clément Beaune, France’s EU affairs minister said Tuesday. Instead, concrete action is needed to enhance “linguistic diversity,” he told journalists.

“It will be harder for people to understand, after Brexit, that we all stick to a type of broken English,” Beaune said. “Let’s get used to speaking our languages again!”