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GSLATE 2018 - 3rd International Conference on the Globalization of Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education - Building a Global Community of Leaders

Mis à jour : 2 Mai 2018

7-8/8/2018, Fukuoka

Organized by the International education for sustainable development alliance (INTESDA)

As globalization advances and boundaries between countries fade away, the need to communicate in a second or multiple languages has altered the linguistic landscape. As a result, second language acquisition and foreign language teaching have progressed to the forefront of linguistics, providing a critical framework in understanding how language is acquired or learned and its pedagogical implications. Language today not only links nations but also empowers individuals toward greater upward mobility, all of which makes it an indispensable tool in modern society.

Approaches towards SLA and language teaching have evolved over the past decades from their early days of the grammar/translation method and audio-lingual method to Krashen’s monitor theory to the communicative and content-based approaches that dominate today. Plus with the development of modern technology, CALL or computer-assisted language learning has gained wider acceptance in the classroom though research on it still remains relatively limited. Despite these advances, it is still necessary to examine how individual language skills are learned as well as the roles teachers play.

Clearly the complex and dynamic nature of language and our understanding of it create an intriguing field of study today that challenges old conventions and poses new ones. Many of the same questions from the past, need to be explored through the latest models and research. How is language acquired? Is there a critical age to learn a language? What is the most effective way to teach L2? What is the role of L1 in learning L2? How effective is corrective feedback in assisting language learners? How can we protect linguistic diversity in sustainable development?

With the theme Building a Global Community of Leaders, SLATE 2018 is a wonderful opportunity to share research, insights and techniques, and form professional networks in this burgeoning field of linguistics and teacher education.

We invite submissions of 250 words in English by Friday, May 11, 2018


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