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The Multilingualism & Diversity Lectures 2017

Mis à jour : 30 Avr 2017

6-9 June 2017, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany

Focus: The ring lecture will focus on the topics Multilingualism and Diversity in language acquisition and education. Areas of particular interest are "Translanguaging" (Prof. PhD Ofelia Garcia, New York), "Receptive Multilingualism" (Prof. PhD Jan ten Thije, Utrecht), "Do balanced bilinguals exist?" (Prof. PhD Jeanine Treffers-Daller, Reading), "Balanced Bilinguals and Language Dominance" (Prof. PhD Michael Daller, Reading) and "Multilingualism in the Individual: A Psycholinguistic perspective" (Prof. Dr. Harald Clahsen, Potsdam).
Minimum Education Level: No Minimum
Special Qualifications: The lectures will be held in English. Adequate knowledge of English is required. Click here for more information...>>>

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