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Just published: EducoMigrant - Collaborative community approach to migrant education - A virtual open course for educators

Ultima modifica: 24 Ago 2016

Authors: Andrea Young, Roula Tsokalidou, Ruth García Carrasco, Vicky Macleroy

The resources offer innovative ways to enhance young migrants’ education by developing links between schools, the home and local partners in education. This educational joint venture develops the learners’ skills in the language of schooling as well as their plurilingual competences. The website offers a Virtual Open Course hosted on a Moodle platform and strategies and materials for trainers in multilingual educational settings.

Target users: teachers (language teachers, subject specialists, complementary school/heritage language teachers) across pre-school, primary and secondary sectors; teacher educators and teaching assistants; school administrators and psychologists; parents/caregivers; community language organisations.

  • Flyer: English - French
  • Virtual online course on the Moodle platform: only available in English (in the process of translation into French)
  • What do you think about these resources? English - French