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From Monolingualism to Multilingualism: Breaking Down the Wall One Essential Shift at a Time

Ultima modifica: 24 Giu 2020

Source: Language Magazine, June 1, 2020

Ivannia Soto and Margo Gottlieb in conversation with Dan Alpert

DAN ALPERT: What are the most important academic, cognitive, and cultural benefits of multilingualism?

IVANNIA SOTO: There are so many benefits associated with multilingualism. Cognitively, multilingual proficiency strengthens how the brain functions. For example, bilingualism requires increased cognitive flexibility and better problem-solving skills (Californians Together, 2017). If we look at health benefits, multilingualism even deters dementia and Alzheimer’s. According to Alzheimers.org.uk, “Lifelong bilinguals have increased connectivity in certain areas of the brain that help protect them from dementia.” Read more... >>>>>