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Prescription and Tradition in Language: Establishing Standards across Time and Space

Mis à jour : 29 Déc 2016

Edited by: Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Carol Percy

Format: Hardback - 408 pages

ISBN: 9781783096503

Published: 14 Nov 2016

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

This book contextualises case studies across a wide variety of languages and cultures, crystallising key interrelationships between linguistic standardisation and prescriptivism, and between ideas and practices. It focuses on different traditions of standardisation and prescription throughout the world and addresses questions such as how nationalistic idealisations of ‘traditional’ language persist (or shift) amid language change, linguistic variation and multilingualism. The volume explores issues of standardisation and the sociolinguistic phenomenon of prescription as a formative influence on the notional standard language as well as the interconnections between these in a wide range of geographical contexts. It balances the otherwise strong emphasis on English in English language publications on prescriptivism and breaks new ground with its multilingual approach across languages and nations. The book will appeal to scholars working within different linguistic traditions interested in questions relating to all aspects of standardisation and prescriptivism. More information...>>>