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Book: Audiovisual translation - Theoretical and methodological challenges

Mis à jour : 24 Juil 2018


University of Turku & Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

| University of Leeds

John Benjamins publishing, 2018


ISBN 9789027201195 | EUR 80.00 | USD 120.00

ISBN 9789027263735 | EUR 80.00 | USD 120.00

The exponential growth of Audiovisual Translation (AVT) in the last three decades has consolidated its place as an area of study within Translation Studies (TS). However, AVT is still a young domain currently exploring a number of different lines of inquiry without a specific methodological and theoretical framework.

This volume discusses the advantages and drawbacks of ten approaches to AVT and highlights the potential avenues opened up by new methods. Our aim is to jumpstart the discussion on the (in)adequacy of the methodologies imported from other disciplines and the need (or not) for a conceptual apparatus and framework of analysis specific to AVT.

This collective work relates to recent edited volumes that seek to take stock on research in AVT, but it distinguishes itself from those publications by promoting links in what is now a very fragmented field. Originally published as a special issue of Target 28:2 (2016).

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