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Erscheinung: Fachunterricht, Sprachbildung und Sprachkompetenzen

Mis à jour : 22 Déc 2019

Ed. by Ahrenholz, Bernt / Jeuk, Stefan / Lütke, Beate / Paetsch, Jennifer / Roll, Heike

Series:DaZ-Forschung [DaZ-For] 18

DE GRUYTER MOUTON, August 2019, ISBN 978-3-11-057038-0

Recent years have seen a growing emphasis on the importance of lexical, discursive, and textual language methods in scholastic knowledge transmission and acquisition of an “educational language register” [Register Bildungssprache]. Empirical descriptions and diagnostic methods are often the subject of academic and practice-related projects. This volume examines the “educational language register” and its broad implications for subject teaching. More information available on the publisher's website.. >>>>