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The Multilingual Adolescent Experience

Mis à jour : 9 Nov 2020

Small Stories of Integration and Socialization by Polish Families in Ireland

Author: Malgorzata Machowska-Kosciak

Multilingual Matters, 9th Oct 2020, ISBN: 9781788927673

This book contributes to our understanding of how older learners negotiate family internal and family external socialisation processes and thereby how parents' ideologies and practices, peer socialisation, and language status or societal demands come together in adolescents' lives. It integrates the sociohistorical context and adolescents' attitudes with the parents' role. Through the use of 'small stories' and ethnographic observation this book explores the social and cultural worlds of Polish immigrant adolescents in Ireland, the ways they seek membership and belonging in their communities of practice, and the ways in which they develop sociohistorical understandings across the languages and cultures they are part of. It sheds light on schooling and family communities and the role they play in the socialization processes of immigrant children. More information available here...