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Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism Vol. 10, No. 5 (2020)

Mis à jour : 9 Déc 2020

2020. iii, 158 pp.

Table of Contents


Vocabulary development in closely-related languages: Age, word type and cognate facilitation effects in bilingual Swedish-German preschool children
Josefin Lindgren and Ute Bohnacker
pp. 587–622

When actions and looks don’t line up: The contribution of referential and prosodic information in the processing of PP ambiguities in child-L2 speakers of English
Carla Contemori, Lucia Pozzan, Phillip Galinsky, and Paola E. Dussias
pp. 623–656

The acquisition of L3 variation among early bilinguals: The roles of L2 experience, home language and linguistic factors
Mihi Park and Rebecca Lurie Starr
pp. 657–689

Correlations between linguistic change and linguistic performance among heritage speakers of Danish in Argentina
Jan Heegård Petersen, Gert Foget Hansen, and Jacob Thøgersen
pp. 690–727


Comment Clauses and mood choice in New York City Spanish: Generational constraints and innovations
Kevin Martillo Viner
pp. 728–744

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