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Language, Migration and Social Inequalities ( A. Duchêne, M. Moyer, C. Roberts)

Mis à jour : 5 Jan 2014

Language_Migration_and_Social_inequalitiesA Critical Sociolinguistic Perspective on Institutions and Work

Alexandre Duchêne, Melissa Moyer, Celia Roberts


Migration and the mobility of citizens around the globe pose important challenges to the linguistic and cultural homogeneity that nation-states rely on for defining their physical boundaries and identity, as well as the rights and obligations of their citizens. A new social order resulting from neoliberal economic practices, globalisation and outsourcing also challenges traditional ways the nation-state has organized its control over the people who have typically travelled to a new country looking for work or better life chances. This collection provides an account of the ways language addresses core questions concerning power and the place of migrants in various institutional and workplace settings. It brings together contributions from a range of geographical settings to understand better how linguistic inequality is (re)produced in this new economic order.

Ed. Multilingual Matters