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Lexical Challenges in a Multilingual Europe (Stickel, Gerhard / Váradi, Tamás (eds.)

Mis à jour : 5 Jan 2014

Lexical-challenge-in-a-Multilingual-EuropewTexte de présentation

The tenth EFNIL conference investigated the different ways in which people in Europe access lexical information – both in their own language and in other languages – and how governments, language institutions, publishers, and others go about the business of compiling and disseminating this lexical information. In this volume, general reflections by several experts on the history, the present state and new developments of lexicography in Europe are presented, followed by reports on special lexicographic projects in several European countries. The Budapest Resolution of EFNIL on the Lexical Challenges in Multilingual Europe offered in the official languages of most of the member states of the European Union and other European countries concludes the book.


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