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Language Teacher Education in a Multilingual Context - Experiences from Hong-Kong

Mis à jour : 31 Déc 2013

This book provides a multifaceted, multilayered examination of the processes and challenges language teachers face in constructing their professional identities in multilingual contexts such as Hong Kong. It focuses on how professional and personal identities are enacted as individuals cross geographic, educational, and socio-cultural boundaries to become English language teachers in Hong Kong. It explores the construction of language teachers’ professional identities from multiple perspectives in multiple settings, including pre-service and in-service teachers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Western countries. Understanding the difficulties and challenges these language teachers face in their identity and professional development is of relevance to teachers and teacher educators, as well as those interested in becoming language teachers in multilingual contexts.

Series: Multilingual Education, Vol. 6

Trent, John, Gao, Xuesong, Gu, Mingyue

2014, X, 196 p. 1 illus.

Springer ISBN 978-94-007-7392-9