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Call for papers: Language Teacher Leadership - Research and Best Practice

Ultima actualizare: 15 Apr 2021

Now more than ever do we need teachers to step up and take charge over their own destiny and support their communities. Not only have recent events given us plenty of reasons to question the efficacy of relying exclusively on educational managers and administrators for answers in challenging and rapidly changing times, we now also have a significant body of research that has unequivocally shown the contributions teachers can and do make to successful organisations. Sustainable, thriving educational institutions are those where leadership is distributed and all staff are prepared for and supported in taking on roles to develop the community.

This book shares best practices as well as insights from research on how teacher leadership can best be fostered and integrated into the educational landscape.
We have a number of confirmed contributors:

Jack Richards
David Nunan
Sarah Mercer
Kathi Bailey
Denise Murray
Mary Ann Christison
Thomas Farrell
Laura Baecher
I am looking for an additional 7-8 chapters. You can read the full call for papers, along with information about key dates, by downloading this document. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Call for papers: Learner-centred approaches to language assessment

Sin Wang Chong and I are calling for submissions to an edited book titled 'Learner-centred approaches to language assessment', to be submitted to the New Language Learning and Teaching Environments series by Palgrave MacMillan.
This edited collection aims to document and evaluate authentic and innovative language assessment practices in different parts of the world. This book focuses on language assessment practices which take place inside and in particular also outside the classroom. Submissions underpinned by the following learner-centred notions in assessment are especially welcomed:

· assessment for learning
· assessment as learning
· learning-oriented assessment
· alternative assessment
· dynamic assessment
· technology-mediated assessment
· teacher/learner assessment literacy
· self-assessment
· peer-assessment
· teacher/learner feedback literacy

It is important for contributors to underscore not only the outcome of the assessment but also the process of developing the assessment and/or evaluating the assessment (e.g., using innovative research methods). To adhere to the international and inclusive scope of this book, assessments on any languages in formal contexts (primary education, secondary education, further education, higher education), nonformal contexts (e.g., private language schools/language tutoring, language MOOCs), or informal contexts (e.g., online self-access language learning resources) are welcome.

This book targets primarily language teachers around the world and researchers interested in language assessment and practitioner research. Its aim is to bridge the gap between language assessment research and practice. Chapters included are either practitioner research or research synthesis (e.g., meta-analysis, qualitative research synthesis).

The timeline of submissions is as follows:
19 April 2021: Submission of chapter title and abstract. Use to the this form for the submission
3 May 2021: Notification of review outcome
1 Dec 2021: Submission of chapter
1 Jan - 30 Apr 2021: Peer review

If you have any questions about the book, please don't hesitate to contact me or Sin Wang at S.Chong at qub.ac.uk.