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New book: The Struggle for a Multilingual Future - Youth and Education in Sri Lanka

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 19 Mar 2020

Youth and Education in Sri Lanka

Christina P. Davis

Oxford Studies in the Anthropology of Language

  • Demonstrates the challenges of promoting peace and interethnic tolerance through multilingual language policies in post-civil war Sri Lanka
  • Explores how power inequalities and ethnic conflict are created and perpetuated in everyday social interactions
  • Advances studies in the ethnography of education by exploring ethnic divisions and educational inequalities in relation to youths' lives beyond the classroom
  • Shows how Tamil and Muslim youth managed forms of monitoring and the reinforcing of ethnicity, and created futures for themselves in the conflict-ridden nation

Published: 27 February 2020

216 Pages | 10 illustrations


ISBN: 9780190947477

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