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3 Career Perks of Speaking Multiple Languages

Mis à jour : 22 Avr 2020

Many career-related social platforms, including LinkedIn, ask people to list the languages they can speak. Why do these platforms do that? The answer is because most big employers search for individuals who can best navigate our increasingly globalized economy by speaking multiple languages.

The best companies to work for are those that benchmark their performance and capacity to innovate with global standards, working across different time zones and leveraging cross-border communication. Hence, the demand for multilingual employees is on the rise.

Case in point: experts say that the U.K. needs more foreign language speakers who can help tap in to the economic benefits of partnering with emerging foreign markets. Also, Johnson and Johnson, GE, GlaxoSmithKline and other multinational companies have a high demand for polyglots who can speak several European languages.

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