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The Highest Paying Languages of 2018

Mis à jour : 31 Oct 2020

The data scientists at Adzuna have analysed over one million job postings to uncover which languages will help you land a higher paying job.

The research, conducted in September 2018, also looked into which languages have seen the biggest growth in demand from UK employers since last year.

Arabic is the Highest Paid Language

Of all the languages looked at Arabic was the highest paid, with speakers earning £43,949 on average. Though, a fewer number of jobs on offer (only 1,633 across the UK), means that linguists will need to have strong proficiency in order to get the best paid roles. For workers looking for a big pay check as well as an abundance of roles, French and German both feature in the top 5 highest paying languages, and the top 5 most high in demand languages, offering average salaries of £39,776 and £35,469 respectively.