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Mis à jour : 6 Déc 2010

Source: EU DG Translation

Our interactive knowledge base contains the latest facts and figures on the EU language industry. The base is managed by us (DG Translation) but it is for all language professionals, and relies on their input. Launched in November 2010, it aims to:

  • bring language professionals together
  • improve the exchange of know-how
  • raise awareness of the business.

Mapping the market together

We welcome your contributions to the knowledge base if you are active in the industry,
or work for a national statistics body.

You can add documents, share information or complete online questionnaires.
We accept submissions in any EU language.

The site is in English but you can browse (or add) documents in any EU language.
Our database covers these sectors (identified in our study):

  • translation services
  • interpreting services
  • subtitling and dubbing services
  • software localisation and website globalisation services
  • language technology tools development
  • international conference organisation
  • language teaching
  • linguistic consultancy.