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Will language skills help you stand out in the job market?

Mis à jour : 29 Mar 2012

Alison White, guardian.co.uk, Monday 26 March 2012

"Where are all these employers seeking language grads?"

That's a comment from reader pablitopanama, who joined us in a live Q&A about career options for foreign language speakers to explain how difficult his search for work has been.

He left university feeling assured his skills would be in demand after hearing how valuable languages expertise is. After all, you don't need to look far to find headlines about how Britons lack a grasp of foreign language skills and that employers value applicants with these skills.

But, a year on from graduation and numerous job applications later, he was still unable to move on from the job he had while studying at university.

It's a similar story for many other posters who chipped in during the Q&A, including IItoby, who said: "It's something of a relief to hear that other people who graduated in foreign languages are struggling. I studied Chinese as a mature student and am sick to death of people being impressed...I'm stuck doing a crap job while everyone tells me that China is the future and I could be earning loads"

So, what's going on? >>>>>>>>>>>>