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Lawmakers debate new Swedish Language Act

Mis à jour : 14 Mai 2009

Source : Mercator Newsletter 51

Lawmakers in Sweden's Riksdag (Parliament) debate on May a proposal for a new Swedish Language Act. The proposed law was submitted by the Swedish government, in order to give Swedish an official status within Sweden. One of the main provisions envisaged is that Swedish is “the common language in society that everyone has to have access to and that can be used in all sectors of society”, according to the Ministry of Culture. The law will make it clear that “the language of the public services is Swedish” and that “veryone living in Sweden has to be given the opportunity to learn, develop and use” it. If passed, the Act will enter into force in July.

The proposed bill also takes into account “The national minority languages in Sweden”, which “are Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli (Tornedal Finnish), Romany Chib and Sami”. Those languages, according to the proposal, “have to be protected and promoted. Everyone belonging to a national minority has to be given the opportunity to learn, develop and use their minority language”.

Swedish authorities are also debating a new Act on minorities and minority languages, which could enter into force next year.

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