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Want To Know The Language Of The Future? The Data Suggests It Could Be...French (Forbes)

Mis à jour : 30 Mar 2014

Forbes - Business 3/21/2014 @ 5:10AM 125 061 views

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

For many centuries, France was the official language of culture, and erudition. It was the language of diplomacy and arts. Aristocrats in Imperial Russia spoke French, even amongst themselves, as Tolstoy and many others documented. In short, if you wanted to be educated, you had to speak French.

Things have changed a lot since then. With the decline of France and the rise of the Anglosphere, English is now the world’s lingua franca. But French remains an official language in many international institutions, from the UN to the European Union to the Olympics Committee (founded by a Frenchman), and learning French still retains some cachet.