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How Global Language Learning Gives Students the Edge

Mis à jour : 12 Fév 2012

Learning foreign languages boosts brain development, bridges cultural connections, and gives us an economic edge. So why isn't it a priority in public schools?

In the quickly evolving world of global-language learning, America is waking up to a new reality. Though we once asserted a sense of world dominance that relied on foreigners learning English, the United States is starting to hear the clarion call of a connected world in which knowing how to communicate in multiple languages is crucial.

We are at a pivotal point in what is increasingly called world-language education, poised to regain a measure of competitiveness with innovative tools and programs that promote crosscultural understanding. But unless we shed our reluctance to speak any language other than English, the potential of this renaissance may not take hold, and we could lose our edge.>>>>>>>>>>>>